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Facial Waxing Hair Removal

Ellie's Beauty Salon will take away any unwanted facial hair for you! We offer 2 types of hair removal for both people with sensitive or normal skin types!

Wax Removal


LIP WAX    $10

FACE WAX    $35

If you have very sensitive skin and have broken out in the past after a waxing experience, don't worry any more! Ellie's Beauty Salon the only salon in Houston that offers Nufree Nudesse hair removal! This wax free botanical hair removal method is a gentle and effective way to remove hair. Nufree Nudesse does not stick to the skin so you wont have to worry about any allergic reaction after hair removal.

Our second option Ellie's Beauty Salon offers for hair removal is GiGi honee wax. This soft wax is gentle on the skin and good for all hair types. GiGi honee wax is an all natural was that will leave your skin sleek and smooth. 

All prices may be subject to change depending on length, density and complexity of the style.

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